[0.10.27] Ship transferred to new character

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[0.10.27] Ship transferred to new character

Post by endril »

I expect some kind of 'ship possession variable' is not reset appropriately in the following case:

1. load a character who owns the large ship
2. get killed by monsters and booted back to main menu
3. start a new character from there, and they will begin the game owning the large ship

Ran into this by pure accident and thought people would like to know.

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Re: [0.10.27] Ship transferred to new character

Post by Interkarma »

Welcome to the forums! :)

Thank you for the clear report. I'll move this to bug reports to fix when we can.

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Re: [0.10.27] Ship transferred to new character

Post by Hazelnut »

This will be the banking manager not being reset I expect, I'll take a look next week probably.
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