Maybe broken dungeon?

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Maybe broken dungeon?

Post by Ralzar »

This might just be me not managing to find the teleporter.

Thing is, I used tele2qmarker and explored the whole part of the dungeon I can't get to, and I found no way there to get back either?

The Roost Of Grumerus in Wayrest.
grumerus.PNG (334.92 KiB) Viewed 124 times
To the left of this room, there is about half the dungeon that I can't get to.
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Re: Maybe broken dungeon?

Post by pango »

Already reported: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2693
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Re: Maybe broken dungeon?

Post by Interkarma »

This is one of those dungeons with a W* block as the entrance block. My theory is the exit quad needs to be rotated 90 degrees in this cases to open parts of dungeon that would otherwise be sealed. I haven't looked at this block specifically though, so my theory could be wrong (I'm often wrong about stuff). :)

I see both of these are in Help & Support. I'll move this one to Bug Reports for followup, and Pango has already referenced the larger topic for completeness. Not sure what to call this, or even if there's much we can do about it while using classic game data for layout.. Something to look at later though.

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