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Re: Screenshot thread

Postby King of Worms » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:55 pm

Thanks god for lurkers :) Wall of text incomming, soorry :D

With the sprite/flats upscaling, its a complicated situation. Trust me, I tryed lower resolutions and 10s of other variants. But it doesnt work the way I want. Only good result is with XBR4x. That means that for example 64x32 texture becomes 256x128. If than I repeat the process one more time, it becomes 1024x512 and thats what I do. I do so, because this way the result is the best, and there is no other way around. Its the algorhitm which behaves like that and thats the bottom line.

Than I can take the resulting sprite, open in photoshop and reduce the resolution. Thing is, I can only reduce in whole numbers, so the options are 75% 50% and 25% of the original. 75% is unnoticeable decrease in quality. 50% is the LOWEST you can go, there is like 5% - 10% decrease in quality, so thats ideal. 25% is unusable.

Thing is, even with 50% quality, its too much for engine to handle. Especially with animated NPCs...
With standard sprites, engine works good in 75% of cases. That means, if the texture set is a single atlas (basicaly a sheet of paper with given size to which the sprites from the set must fit - I can fit in those) The problem is with sprites, which are merged into the super atlas. Thats a bigger sheet of paper to which you must fit textures from more sets. Thats impossible to do without a huge decrease of quality.

I wait for The Lacus and others to try to separate this super atlas into the standard "atlas per set" like the others. When this is done, all will work no problem, yay!

With animated NPCs, I dont have a clue and I just wait what will happen :/ Maybe when Interkarma returns, he will shed some light. It might be related to the way cache is handled etc. My sprites might have bigger resolution, but they have really small size in kb... I cant believe few such sprites can saturate PC with 24gb ram :) There must be a way around this... time will tell :idea:

Standard textures dont have this problem... so my retexturing project runs perfectly. Size in Kb or MB doesnt matter to this engine...

And some screens so its not a utter OT .)
dng02.jpg (414.91 KiB) Viewed 169 times

This one took way too much time to fit all the textures to work together, but it payed out
001.jpg (357.59 KiB) Viewed 167 times
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Re: Screenshot thread

Postby Al-Khwarizmi » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:33 am

ifkopifko wrote:Feelings are deceitful. ;) I am sure I'm not the only one lurking, watching and being overwhelmed by the progress made on this project. Since I have nothing to add myself, I do not post, but know this: I really like what you are doing. :-)

Same here!

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