How many mods is too much?

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How many mods is too much?

Post by ZerioctheTank »

This has always been a concern in the back of my head while looking at the many mods made in the community by many of you wonderful people, but I'm not the most knowledgeable person in regards to the technical aspects to DFU. I'm not sure if I should limiting the amount of mods I install in the game, or not so I figured it's best to ask those that know more than I do.

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Re: How many mods is too much?

Post by TheLacus »

There isn't any fixed limit on the number of mods you can use. Each mod in itself has a minor effect on memory usage and loading times (for example when an asset is seeked in all mods with load order), but it's not possible to say when this is going to become an issue. I`d suggest this is not something that you should be worried about too much.

Of course even a single mod that affects graphics can be too much for your system.
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Re: How many mods is too much?

Post by Ralzar »

Yeah, the two biggest problems you can run into is:

1: System overload. Graphics in particular, but also some larger mechanics mods might make the game lag or stutter if your machine can't handle it.

2: Mods that are not compatible. There are few of these so far.

Only help in selecting mods I can give, is that this is my modlist and they all work fine together as far as I've experienced.

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