Any way to remove the "invisible wall" on the world map border?

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Any way to remove the "invisible wall" on the world map border?

Post by Dragonrider »

Hey there,

I want to know if it`s possible to reach the very end of the Daggerfall Unity world map, so the very final area just before the world ends in these grey "emptyness".
Unfortunately, there`s this "invisible world barrier" my player character/hero every time hits himself when trying to reach the very end of the map (and at least in my experience even gets stuck and c`ant move for-or backwards in any way after reaching this wall). Is there some way to remove (or for the hero/character to ignore) this border? Maybe a mod or a changement in the daggerfall workshop.ini file?

The reason I´m curious about it is a mod named "New canon locations" at Daggerfall Unity Nexus where some new added cities also seem to increase the world map borders. In case for the new imported city of Evermore for example, the player character now can leave the map by the east for exploring the areas of Dragontail Mountains not shown/accessable on the Daggerfall world map. So from a technical point of view, it seems to be possible to increase the map borders, I guess? If so, how could I do this?

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Re: Any way to remove the "invisible wall" on the world map border?

Post by Hazelnut »

I think it would break several systems because the DF world is based on a grid of 1000 x 500 map pixels which is probably baked in quite a bit. With a game world so large, I am surprised you want more space.

I was under the impression that the mod you mentioned added locations within the existing game world, possibly some being in the eastern part of the Wrothgarian mountains like the new location in my mod. They are accessible, but you have to click on the right arrow to move the view over because the region is so big.
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Re: Any way to remove the "invisible wall" on the world map border?

Post by Jay_H »

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As Hazelnut said, modded cities like Evermore exist within the ordinary TES2 world limits. You can find it inside Gavaudon, in this case.
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