DFU Modding Capabilities & Limitations

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Lokkrin Zhataros
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DFU Modding Capabilities & Limitations

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This may be a silly question. But I’m kind of confused as to what DFU modding is currently capable of and it’s limitations. I’ve read seemingly mixed opinions on this in the forums.

Many (if not most) mod suggestions have consisted of adding more:
-unique items (armor, weapons, artifacts, etc)
-more unique mobs variety
-more races & skills
-unique NPCs

My question is: are any of these possible at the moment? If not, would they be possible in future versions of DFU and modding tools?

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King of Worms
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Re: DFU modding capabilities/limitations

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I hope the extended modding capabilities are getting more in focus as we reached beta. When this happens, DFU will explode 😲

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Re: DFU modding capabilities/limitations

Post by Madae »

I was kind of curious about this as well. Been thinking about trying to build something, but not sure what would be possible. Will still end up taking a look, but it would be nice to know.

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