anisotropic filtering & hud element positioning / sizes

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anisotropic filtering & hud element positioning / sizes

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Hi All-

Just took the dive into this after keeping an eye on it for years. I remember playing DF back when it first came out, and it's truly a joy to experience it now again after this time.

Two questions for the community:

1. Why is anisotropic filtering not active in the gameport render when the global settings are at "Fantastic" but the Main Filter (non-video, non-GUI) is set to point. Case in point, look at the floor texture filtering seam near the center of the images below. Both images are with global "Fantastic" set, while the top is main filter set to point, and bottom bilinear. Trilinear also turns on AF.


I really love the chunky pixels of the point filter - but there should be a way to preserve the game world textures without linear filtering, while also applying AF. Forcing AF levels at the driver level doesn't fix this. Based on this old post, wherein there was no caveats wrt point filter, I'm not sure this intended (or at least necessary) behavior.

2. Is there any way to scale or move the position of the UI element seen above (excepting the clock added via mod) via configuration file editing? I would love to scale and move the compass, for example.

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