Few bugs I've encountered during my play-through

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Few bugs I've encountered during my play-through

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So I've been playing daggerfall unity for a couple of weeks now and have poured quite a bit of hours into it. I thought it would be worth mentioning that I have encountered a few bugs that happened quite a bit during my play-through. If these are already known then my apologies for repeating these.

First bug was falling into the void - this would normally happen to me when entering a new interior and on occasion outdoors especially after I used the teleport spell or having traveled from one place to another.

Second bug was collision issues. A few times I've experienced collision not working correctly on stairs and especially lifts. They way I got around this was to reload my save file and it would fix the issue.

The third and final and quite possibly not a bug as I can't remember how this mechanic would work in the original version of the game as I've not played it for a very long time. However, whenever I'd get poisoned, I'd always be told I'm healthy, but I get the message I'm feeling unwell. Surely that's not supposed to happen?

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