Question. Why Unity and not Unreal Engine ?

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Question. Why Unity and not Unreal Engine ?

Postby NecroViolator » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:07 am

Sorry for being a little daft about this subject but wanted to know why Unity and not Unreal engine ?
Couldnt find any question or answer to this or maybe I missed it somewhere .

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Re: Question. Why Unity and not Unreal Engine ?

Postby Interkarma » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:51 am

Hey NecroViolator, welcome to the forums. :)

There are several reasons:

  • I had a large C# Daggerfall toolset (DaggerfallConnect) written for my own 3D engine and Daggerfall tools in 2009 (Imaging 2 / Modelling). Because Unity uses Mono C#, it was trivial to drop this tool code directly into Unity.
  • When I started porting tool code in late 2014, Unity already had a huge install base (around 4 million at the time) and a great free version. Unreal added a free license in March 2015, a bit late to the party.
  • Community is a vital part of this project and Unity has a much larger developer base than Unreal. This means more people available as contributors.
  • Unity is more accessible to a wider range of developers of all skill levels. This means more potential for modders and contributors.
  • The way Unity builds scenes from batched objects is uncannily suitable for a Daggerfall remake. Daggerfall and Unity both organise scenes in a rather similar way.
  • Unity's support for fully procedural environments, procedural meshes, procedural sounds, etc. is absolutely top-notch. You might not be aware, but I'm converting asset data from Daggerfall's DOS binary files in real-time. Everything is streamed through one procedural scene. Unity is really amazing at this task.

To summarise - Unity is a powerful tool with million of users, a powerful free version, easy to use for developers of all skill levels, and fits the tool specification almost perfectly.

Unreal is absolutely an amazing engine as well. It just wasn't quite the right tool for the job, especially in 2014 when this all started ramping up.

I hope that answers your question. Please just let me know if you need anything more specific.
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Re: Question. Why Unity and not Unreal Engine ?

Postby NecroViolator » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:45 pm

Thank you so much for your awesome answer. Read alot about Unity vs Unreal and your answer was perfect. Thanks.
Was going to recreate a few old games in a newer Engine so wanted a little feedback, great answer.
Im working in the Serious Engine myself.

Love your work. God speed and love on your mission !.

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