Open: Quests and reputation changes

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Open: Quests and reputation changes

Post by Hazelnut » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:41 am

So, anyone paying attention knows I've implemented guild progression based on reputation and skills. Each guild quest successfully completed increases your rep with the guild faction by 5, and failing decreases by 2. This is the default case, but some quests shown on UESP have different reputation changes.

e.g. ... _with_Orcs and ... _with_Orcs

I know that the local region rep change is done in the quest script with "change repute with _local_ by +4" but how the extra guild faction rep increase is done is unknown. Can anyone confirm the numbers on UESP for a quest that it says should give more +rep than the default in classic? I've found the Dagrep tool is good for seeing rep changes, or just let me have a classic save just before quest hand in for any quest that UESP claims should give more than +5 rep for success.

This will be very valuable assistance for getting this part of DFU implemented correctly. UESP is incredibly helpful, but it cannot be blindly trusted because it does have discrepancies with the actual game.

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