[0.10.26a] Stuttering while in towns - Diagnostic tools?

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Re: [0.10.26a] Stuttering while in towns - Diagnostic tools?

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Luzur wrote: Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:14 pm I am using that version, but i fixed the stuttering alot by diong some settings wizardry.
Can you specify?
I'm seem to be having the same problems, despite using the fix version of Villager Immersion Overhaul.
Loading also seem to get significantly longer.

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Re: [0.10.26a] Stuttering while in towns - Diagnostic tools?

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Have you tried to play in "Retro Rendering Mode" (in the advanced options) to see if the problem does not come from the original rendering ?
Additionally, have you tried to disable one by one (and test with the same town saved game) to see if there's a mod in particular that create the stutter and noticably increase the loading time ?

Once you find the culprit, things should be easier as if the mod has settings , trying to play with them until you find one that does not stutter could help, if the problem mod has no editable settings, unfortunately no other choice other than removing it.

By example, i had very noticable sttuter in the Daggerfall city, it was snowing. On some test i noticed that when it wasn't snowing i had no problem.
Remembering that i had the "Better Ambience" mod enabled, after some testing it looks like the "Enable Better Rain" and "Enable Better Snow" were the problem as disabling those options fixed my stutter.

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