[0.11.0] Rest window

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[0.11.0] Rest window

Post by Ralzar »

The Rest function seem to act wonky now in 0.11.0. If you are resting and get interrupted by an enemy, once you have killed it and attempt to rest again you go straight to the hour countdown, which is now at 0 and instantly gives you the "You finish resting" popup. Then you have to re-initialize rest, which then gives you the proper rest/loiter menu.
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Re: [0.11.0] Rest window

Post by Interkarma »

Pango has submitted a PR to fix this one. It will be included in 0.11.1. :)

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Re: [0.11.0] Rest window

Post by pango »

Yup, this issue has also already been reported in the forums
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