[0.11.0 Beta Windows 64] Potion of <LocaleText-NotFound>

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[0.11.0 Beta Windows 64] Potion of <LocaleText-NotFound>

Post by Azdul »

I've looted Potion of <LocaleText-NotFound> of one of the NPCs in Castle Necromoghan in latest DFUnity Beta.
I've installed Daggerfall through DaggerfallSetup 2.16.1

I've installed few mods and Quest Pack 1:
better ambience.dfmod
dream - cinematics.dfmod
dream - commoners.dfmod
dream - handheld.dfmod
dream - hud & menu.dfmod
dream - mobs.dfmod
dream - music.dfmod
dream - npcs.dfmod
dream - paperdoll.dfmod
dream - portraits.dfmod
dream - sound.dfmod
dream - sprites.dfmod
dream - textures.dfmod
enhanced sky.dfmod
handpainted models - buildings.dfmod
handpainted models - main.dfmod
handpainted models - treasure piles.dfmod
improved interior lighting.dfmod
post processing.dfmod
readied spellcasting hands.dfmod
Readme - Handpainted models.txt
torch taker.dfmod

Is there any way to find out if potion was added by mods, or if it is a vanilla issue ?
I'm attaching logs and savegame.
DFUnity logs
(39.09 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(247.39 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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Re: [0.11.0 Beta Windows 64] Potion of <LocaleText-NotFound>

Post by Interkarma »

This was fixed some time back in core, but Roleplay & Realism overrides some of the code and still needs to be patched.

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