Game keeps crashing when I try to start it.

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Game keeps crashing when I try to start it.

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I said this on the Daggerfall Unity subreddit, but was told to put it here if the solution I was given doesn't work so here I go, I guess.

I decided to get Daggerfall Unity for my first time today, and looked up how to start the game and everything. I found a post on the Daggerfall Unity forums with multiple ways of downloading it, and went with the one that was recommended. As soon as I tried to direct the game to the file required to play, it crashed, and now every time I try to start it up it says not responding then crashes.

Much like I was told to do I will also put the specs of my PC:
Dorado micro ATX motherboard
Intel Core i7-10700 CPU
HyperX XMP RGB 16 GB memory
I don't now if there is anything else I would need to put other than storage which I'll go ahead and list just in case.
512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State, and a 1TB SATA HDD
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Re: Game keeps crashing when I try to start it.

Post by Interkarma »

Hey, welcome to the forums. I'm the one who responded on reddit - thank you for posting your player.log here. Most helpful. :)

It doesn't look like your DFU is quite setup right. I note from the log that you have everything setup in a (redirected?) Desktop folder inside of a OneDrive library. Your DaggerfallUnity.exe folder in player.log is showing like so:

Code: Select all

C:\Users\mevan\OneDrive\Desktop\Daggerfall Unity\DaggerfallUnity.exe
And your Daggerfall game files path looks very odd:

Code: Select all

DFTFU 1.9.0: Found valid arena2 path at 'arena2'. 
This should display a full path here (e.g. "C:\Games\Daggerfall") not just the path name. Have game data and DFU been unzipped to totally separate folders as required?

Just to put us all on the same page for support, can you please setup Daggerfall Unity again using the exact process and folders below. Don't use folder redirections, OneDrive, or anything tricky. Just unzip to these exact folders and we'll see if the game starts or not.
  1. Unzip DaggerfallGameFiles to C:\Games\Daggerfall
  2. Unzip Daggerfall Unity to C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity\0.11.0
  3. Delete settings.ini then point DFU to C:\Games\Daggerfall from step 1 when it asks for game files.
If that still doesn't work, please attach an updated player.log and I'll see if error has changed. Cheers!

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