Bug? 0.11.1 Controller look sensitivity varies with cell I'm in

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Bug? 0.11.1 Controller look sensitivity varies with cell I'm in

Post by AuntiePixel »

Not sure if this is a bug, an engine limitation, or something else. The effective sensitivity of the camera look on my controller (xinput) varies greatly with the size and type of cell that I'm in. I have to keep my sensitivity set very low because in more responsive cells, the sensitivity can become too much to control. But, this means my character controls like a hippo in a shopping trolley when I'm in a slower cell.
This effect mostly correlates with the size and complexity of the space. A small house is highly responsive. Sentinel dungeon less so, sentinel city even less. But there are outliers. Some taverns and stores don't look too busy graphically, but really slow my camera controls. And some dungeons don't have the problem despite being quite complex.
PC performance is a factor, but it isn't linear. Camera controls are most consistent on my laptop with Vega 8 graphics. I think since it's only just running things anyway (with Dream and such installed), the extra slowdown is less jarring. On my gaming PC and my Shadow PC, (gtx 1070, rtx 2000 series quadro respectively), the slow areas are almost as slow as on the laptop, but the fast areas can result in camera controls so sensitive they become hard to use. These are subjective descriptions. I haven't set up framerate counters, etc.
Anyone else seeing this? Is it a known issue? It doesn't seem to affect mouse look. If it's something devs want to look into, I can work on getting crunchier data to work with.

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Re: Bug? 0.11.1 Controller look sensitivity varies with cell I'm in

Post by Interkarma »

Could be related to frame rate. Mouse look has smoothing which can overcome some stutter, but not sure this applies to controller look. If you use "tdbg" from console, do you notice lower frame rates when stuttering?

I'll let jefetienne weigh in further here. He implemented controller support and can no doubt offer a more experienced view.

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