Daggerfall Unity not purging unused cells?

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Daggerfall Unity not purging unused cells?

Post by Kanjar »

I noticed after some minutes I play the game both my VRAM (3GB) and sometimes my System Ram (16GB) have a tendency to reach full load, which is so unusual for me even with heavily modded games.

My impression is the engine is actively storing in memory every single data it has had access to up to that moment.

I play at 1920x1080 with some mods like DREAMS, Distant Terrain, Enhanced Sky, Simple Travels and Basic Roads: I don't know if I have to deactivate those mods in order to understand if the problem lies in the scripting of the mods or where else.

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Re: Daggerfall Unity not purging unused cells?

Post by Interkarma »

Unmodded Daggerfall Unity generally uses between 1-2GB of RAM and about 1GB or so of VRAM. Objects are pooled and recycled, and other resources are released to garbage collector when they're no longer required. It does not keep everything in memory, however some discrete assets like textures and models are kept cached to decrease load times.

Adding graphical mods will increase system requirements. Script-only mods usually don't require much RAM, but each mod is unique and can add behaviours not present in base game, so there's no catch-all answer.

For some general tips to decrease memory load: try switching off the heavier graphical mods and reducing terrain distance (especially if set to maximum). Shadow maps also require additional resources so disabling shadows for dungeons and interiors can help.

Using "reset_assets" console command will clear cache and reload world, which should flatten out excess memory usage once all cached objects are released. It has to reload world in place though, so you won't see much difference if things are already around the baseline level for your environment.

Maybe someone else can offer some additional tips and advice.

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