Quest A0C01Y13 - No letter spawns

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Quest A0C01Y13 - No letter spawns

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I did run into a problem with quest A0C01Y13 and how do I know? Well it took me a while to find out which quest it was really.

When unvestigating who spreads the rumors, you meet an NPC in a tavern that claims there is a letter that was sent to the questgiver.

When we read the A0C01Y13.txt we see in the lower section that the letter is supposed to spawn in the quest givers home. Well the thing is that the questgiver in this case comes from a mod, so maybe that is causing this issue? There is no letter spawning in that modded small cabin.

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Re: Quest A0C01Y13 - No letter spawns

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Please give details of this mod you're referring to. I'm not aware of any that add new small cabins, so can't guess.
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