State of 0.3 - Test Builds Available

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State of 0.3 - Test Builds Available

Postby Interkarma » Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:34 am

Live builds are now available! This will be the home of new rolling test builds as described in detail by this blog post.

There are still some items in progress or broken in 0.3, which I will outline below. But it's far enough along to start acclimatizing testers to the new rolling builds process.

Please keep in mind that rolling test builds are created from live code and are a snapshot of work in progress.

If you just want to play Daggerfall Unity and have the best experience currently available, hold tight for the next stable build. Latest stable build is still 0.2.9 from 09-April-2016. I will update stable build to 0.3.x in next few weeks.

State of 0.3

The following may be updated any time. Items in strikethrough are fixed in most recent build.

Mod System
  • There is a known issue using enums with MCS compiler due to a .NET limitation. While not as typesafe, you can workaround using int consts.
  • New mods may need something opened in core. Please use Modder Discussion for working through implementation details.

  • Cannot drop loot to ground in exteriors, only in dungeons and interiors. This will be fixed shortly.
  • Random loot piles in dungeons only drop gold pieces. Loot tables are almost complete and drops will be rounded out soon.
  • Defeated enemies do not currently leave a lootable corpse marker. This will be fixed after loot tables implemented.

  • Save system has been overhauled. Daggerfall Unity quicksaves from 0.2 or earlier will not be enumerated. However, they should still be compatible and can be manually copied into a new save folder if needed.
  • Importing classic saves is now available by clicking "Classic" button on new load UI.
  • Quicksave still being migrated to new save system. Currently only one quicksave across all characters, and only accessible from F9 (quicksave) and F12 (quickload) while playing.
  • Sometimes save game not created as expected. Under investigation.
  • Currently integrating automap state serialization, still under testing.

Rest UI
  • Not implemented. Will be completed after above issues resolved.

Keybind UI
  • Not implemented. Will be completed after rest UI.

  • Snow on ground can sometimes appear out of season when fast travelling.
  • Midday lighting can make snow look so bright as to appear full white. This will be fixed in a relighting pass during 0.3 cycle.
  • IsPlayerInsideDungeonPalace flag can still return incorrect result, though less frequently as before. Under investigation.
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Re: State of 0.3 - Test Builds Available Soon

Postby Interkarma » Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:37 am


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