Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

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Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Indigo »

EDIT: OCTOBER 19, 2020

As of July 2020, I am no longer associated with this project. Please reach the crew at the Discord we created at:

The reasons are too many to list here, but for the morbidly curious, I wrote a "post-mortem" on my side of the project here:

https://medium.com/@indigogaming/how-i- ... 8b327e50f3



Okay, well the cat's out of the bag!

We've gotten a lot of attention over the past few months, tweets, news articles, etc. We've taken on some amazing talent from this post, and I can't thank you all enough! Due to my inbox and life being filled up at the moment, the best way to get involved with this new game is to go to the Discord server here:


At the Council of Wisdom (named after the initial group which advised the Daggerfall and Arena devs back in the day), we have thousands of members, with moderators, developers and founders alike. This is the best way to reach out, share your ideas and offer your support or work for the project.

Thanks so much to everyone!


Hello everyone!

My name is Ian, but you may or may not know me from my YouTube channel, Indigo Gaming.

I've covered Daggerfall and The Elder Scrolls over the past few years in a scripted videos, a documentary, interviews with two of its most influential creators, and several livestreams.

I'm pleased to reveal that I've been working with Julian Jensen (aka Julian LeFay), Ted Peterson, and a business analyst for the past two months on planning a new game development project.

Ted is best known as the lead designer of Daggerfall, additional design on Arena, and writer who contributed an estimated 200,000 words of lore and quest writing for Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion. Julian was the project lead and technical director for Arena, Daggerfall and Battlespire, as well as being a technical consultant on Morrowind. Together, they form a much of the creative spark that formed what we know of The Elder Scrolls today.

We are currently planning, writing a game design document, developing engine-agnostic systems and putting together a team to develop a game prototype. This is intended to be a spiritual successor to the ideas, design goals and ambitions of Daggerfall, and as all of you know, that's a hell of a goal to achieve!

We're currently looking for talented concept and 3D artists that are passionate about the creating a new game in the vein of the deep roleplaying, dynamic storytelling and quests v and gigantic open world of games like Daggerfall. We will also need specialists (programmers, tool creators, etc) as well, but our primary need right now is artists.

We are currently working unpaid, until we acquire funding, a publisher or launch a crowdfunding project (all options are being considered at this point), so we have no immediate funds to hire you, but if you'd like to be a part of this team, and have art skills (both concept art OR 3D modeling or rigging), please contact me, and I'll share your information with the team. We are recording hours and contribution, with the idea of compensation for that time when we get funded.

This is a really exciting passion project, but it's no small feat to try to outdo a game so ambitious, while also updating the game's presentation to appease the expectations of a modern audience.

If you want to be part of this project, please contact me at ian@indigogaming.net with some examples of your work and a description of your skills and experience, and I'll forward your information on to the team. Thank you!

Ian @ Indigo Gaming

P.S. I asked Interkarma if it was okay to post this here, and he was very supportive and agreed (Thanks Gavin!).
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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Jay_H »

Julian Jensen... Ted Peterson... and Indigo Gaming.

The Dream Team.

I have nothing to apply for but good heavens this is the stuff of legends.
Farewell DFU community! My time here has been a joy.

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by pango »

Amazing news, best of luck with this project!
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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by King of Worms »

Not really sure I can help with anything but good luck with the project ,)

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by MasonFace »

I think you'll want to get in touch with VMBlast, asknarinn, and AlexanderSig. They're among the most talented artists currently involved with this project in my opinion.

I may be of service for some later work, but concept art is not my strongest skill. :oops:

I will email my qualifications.
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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Ferital »

Wow, what an ambitious project! I wish you all the best for this one!

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Indigo »

Thanks for all the feedback so far! Glad you all think it's a great idea and a great team. We have a long and arduous road ahead of us, but I think between this amazing DF Unity project and (hopefully) our new game, people will have some great, deep RPGs to play again!

Thanks for those artist recommendations, I will start reaching out to them to see if they're interested. I think Gavin recommended one or two of those as well. If you know of anyone else with game dev, art or other related skills that are passionate about Daggerfall or like RPGs, send them my way, please!

Thanks again!

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Al-Khwarizmi »

Amazing, I can't wait to see the results of this project.

Unfortunately I don't have art skills. But if you do a crowdfunding, you can count with my support.

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by selewi »

First of all hello Indigo and the crew, I must admit I'm really happy that this is happening.

I've been working on something really similar to a Daggerfall spiritual successor for 2-3 months. I'm mainly a programmer, but I took the role of designer and even started doing my own 3D assets for the game. I'm starting to get a bit sad because I'm realizing the scope of this project it's kinda large for one person. My idea is making a dungeon crawler like Daggerfall, with that kind of 90’s graphics, but with Morrowind gameplay and mechanics, I've got working some interesting mechanics like the effect systems used in MW (for enchantments/spells).

You can find a lot of gifs and screenshots of my game on my Twitter -> https://twitter.com/selewidev

I'd love to contribute with this, so if you need a programmer at some point please count me in, even though I've made my own 3D models and animated it after rigging, I don't feel confident enough to share my skills with you.

Nothing else to say, have a good day guys and I really wish you best of luck with the project!

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Re: Daggerfall Spiritual Successor Project (Artists Needed!)

Post by Cliffworms »

I don't have any talent to share, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the project.

By the way, thank you Ian for your Elder Scrolls documentary and your interviews with Ted and Julian. It's also how I came to learn of Daggerfall Unity's existence.

It's awesome to know that these projects are now leading to a Daggerfall spiritual successor and I wish you all luck. Should it need crowdfunding, I'll be happy to help a bit! :)
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