Arx Fatalis being given away

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Arx Fatalis being given away

Post by jman0war »

Signup/Join at and Bethesda (i didn't even realize they own this now?) are giving away Arx Fatalis for free.
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Re: Arx Fatalis being given away

Post by Baler »

great game, one of my favorites!
From what I've read that's the uncut version (not the censored german version) which is good.

updates here:
Requires a copy of the game.

I'm a huge ultima fan so, Arx will always have a special place in my heart.
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Re: Arx Fatalis being given away

Post by King of Worms »

I played the game back in the day, but its quite hard to play it nowadays, to me it aged more than ultima underworld.. not sure why. I will keep the good memories :)

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Re: Arx Fatalis being given away

Post by ByteMixer »

Ah, that one was a gem. I do remember completely misremembering some things and ended up using a little bit of a guide at spots. Last time I played was a few years ago sing the Libertatis mod which fixes a bunch of stuff. Er, my version was from Steam, though.
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Re: Arx Fatalis being given away

Post by JorisVanEijden »

I'm playing it now. It's awesome!
Just be sure to use the development release of Arx Libertatis and not the "stable" version.

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