What games would you like to see get the DFU treatment?

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Re: What games would you like to see get the DFU treatment?

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XJDHDR wrote: Sun Mar 07, 2021 4:29 pm Where can we find Redguard for Unity?
At the moment you can't, i'm developing it as a private project for now (i'm only posting updates in a discord server). This is because i had to manually convert models and textures in advance and store them in the project files, so offering the game as a download would be a copyright violation similar to piracy.

Of course eventually we want to have tools like DFUnity does, that let users convert their own files locally, but thats still a long way to go.

Then, unlike DF, Redguard is still a commercial game on stores like GOG, so we're not quite sure yet if Bethesda would allow this kind of total conversion project at all (I recall that they shut down an Oblivion mod for that reason).

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Re: What games would you like to see get the DFU treatment?

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If it were possible, I believe Birthright:Gorgons Alliance(A long lost hidden gem) would be worthy of(and in need of) a unity remake. If only somebody out there had the skills and desire to do so... I would "lend" my priceless game disk if someone was serious about it. The developer of that game went defunct a long time ago, so I doubt they would care.

You can actually play the original game on this website(though it runs horribly), if you wanted to check it out - https://classicreload.com/birthright-th ... iance.html However I dont think it has the character editor or DM controls. Just the base game. You could also watch lets plays of it on youtube to see what the game is about. I made one myself too.

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