Redguard is getting a remake and we need some help

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Redguard is getting a remake and we need some help

Post by Thane5 »


We all adore the 5 main games of the Elder scrolls universe, but what about the smaller, lesser known titles?
The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, the game that has possibly the smallest fanbase of the entire franchise, has caught my attention a few years ago. I instantly loved the style of the island, the music, the atmosphere, the story, the characters.
But if you played it, you are well aware of the technical issues that this game has. The performance is poor, the controls are sluggish and unreliable, which leaves many people frustrated with this otherwise lovely game.

I spent years looking for a way to fix this, but as a 3D artist i've always known that my possibilities are limited in that regard. Luckily, I found some other fans of Redguard, who have previously made standalone 3d-model and texture conversion tools. These convertes weren't exactly made for this purpose, but together with some visual scripting skills that i aquired last year, i was able to to put together this small Demo, of what i'm hoping to turn into a Project similar to DFUnity. Should we call it… RGUnity?

With this project, we want to bring Redguard to the 21st century. This means, support for modern screen resolutions, universal gamepad support, and many quality of life improvements.

So, how do we get there?

In this demo, all assets have been manually converted and imported into blender, where i textured and animated them, then sent imported them into Unity. Obviously we can't do this for the final project, this means we need similar tools to DFUnity that allow players to use files from their own Redguard installation.

Right now we are only a very loosely organized team.
What we need the most are programmers who are willing to write converters for Redguard's files, especially the ROB format, which contain some 3D models that we still dont have access to.

There is also other work to be done, in areas like
  • Game logic for Quests, character movement, combat, cutscenes, UI elements and more
  • Assembling the levels, putting all assets together
  • Animation for characters and in-game cutscenes, in case we are unable to extract that from the game (and maybe we want to remake the Cinematics in HD too?)
If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, send me a message, or visit us on discord here:
(We currently don't have our own server, instead we are guests on the server of the TES3 Travels project)

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Re: Redguard is getting a remake and we need some help

Post by jefetienne »

This sounds amazing! I've always wanted to play Redguard (I even purchased the original disks on eBay), but I've had too much trouble trying to run it on emulators it thanks to the 3dfx issues. I think Redguard Unity would do a fantastic job bringing the game back to life.
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Re: Redguard is getting a remake and we need some help

Post by bradleybrand »

Thank you, looking great! In addition to this, modders should create mods to further enhance the experience as well. People who never played the original will defiantly try out your remake once released. :)

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Re: Redguard is getting a remake and we need some help

Post by MrFlibble »

Is there any overlap between data file formats used by Redguard, Daggerfall and Future Shock/SkyNET? IIRC Redguard's engine is still XnGine at its core, albeit with many updates like hardware 3D accelerator support.

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