The Big Hello Thread

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Interkarma »

Hey! Lots of new people since the test launched. I'm sorry I've missed welcoming you all personally to the forums, it's been a bit crazy the last few days. :D

So welcome to the forums, you lot. :)

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by CyberWilhelm »

Hey all! I also arrived here after being a long-time lurker on the DaggerXL/XL Engine forums. :)

I first played Daggerfall way back in grade school when it was released as a demo with PC Gamer magazine (I think). The demo gave me two-in game weeks to do basically whatever it felt like I wanted to do in the world, and I was hooked. I played it over and over again and eventually did buy the full game when it came out, but had to take it back because I kept running into crash bugs. Still, it started a lifelong love of the Elder Scrolls games that's helped connect me with new friends through the years. Most recently, with Skyrim, I was able to get my wife hooked and she's put in more hours than I have. :lol:

Daggerfall was my first love in the series, though, and I genuinely miss some of the convoluted gameplay elements. I've also never actually beaten the game, let alone scratched at the depth of some of it. I really hope to be able to remedy that with Daggerfall Unity. :)

My lifelong love of games paid off in that I'm lucky enough to say that I have a career in the industry. I've been a lead programmer and occasional artist for some PS2/Wii/XBox 360/PS3 games. After that, I joined a super-small company owned by a friend of mine to do Live Wallpapers on Android (more programming and artwork). I'm proud to say that this year we've moved to having the games we make put out on Steam (all made in Unity, the most recent of which was earlier this month)!

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and hope that I can give back in some small way. I'm a crazy about VR (have been since the 90's, and even made a college art showing of a Legend of Zelda dungeon I remade in VR in like 2004), so maybe there's something there. :)

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Roarke »

Hi all. We are two twin brother who mod Quake 2. Our site is in the sig. We are in modb too. We played and liked The elder scrolls series.

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by LypyL »

Hello Roarke! I never played Quake II...because I never stopped playing Quake I thanks to all the mods :D The phrase "Quake TC" will always make me smile!

edit: I had been going nuts trying to remember the name of the game Kingpin: Life of Crime that I played back in the day...and I just found it randomly on your site :lol:

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Interkarma »

G'day Roarke, welcome to the forums. :)

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Narf the Mouse »

Well, I've been on here for a short while, but I just found this thread, so hello.

Long time ago, I found out about a game called Daggerfall. And the info I could find sounded awesome. I played the first and second demos (mostly the second one, and a lot). I made character after character who never got out of a single, enclosed dungeon. And then the game came. And reality hit.

Reality was delicious, and awesome. Also more than a bit buggy, but still awesome and lots of fun. And I kept on playing and the worst bugs got fixed; savegames got a fix editor; Windows 98 came out and DOS Mode kept me playing; Windows XP came out and the games physics started getting inconsistent because it was too fast, but I had an old machine saved, and then...Several years of no Daggerfall. Then I found DOSBox, and I had Daggerfall again. And then someone posted an installer, I found DaggerXL...A few years later, I was randomly Googling Daggerfall and found..."Wait, someone's porting Daggerfall to the same game engine I use? Must click on link!"

So as you can tell, I like Daggerfall. Just a little. :)

...And...Huh. If I'd been born when Daggerfall came out, I'd be an adult now. Feelin' a bit old. :p

Edit: *Reads above posts* ...There was a time-limited full-game demo? I only found a couple of dungeon-crawl demos.

...Maybe someone should make a demo compilation? Although I don't know what the legal issues might be.
Previous experience tells me it's very easy to misunderstand the tone, intent, or meaning of what I've posted. If you have questions, ask.

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Joh11 »

Hello everyone !

I just discovered this project and that looks very promising. I would very be glad to help you as much as can.
I discovered The Elder Scrolls series with Skyrim, and totally loved the universe. I then played at Oblivion, Morrowind, and finally Daggerfall.

There are a lot of things (IMO) that make TESII one of the best games of the franchise : awesome music, great ambience despite its 20 years, and this ultra complete character creation. I just hope that this project would fix in the future the little flaws of this game, like the crappy dungeon generation.

Anyway, I would greatly bring my help to Daggerfall Unity :)

(btw I don't know if it is very visible or not, but English isn't my native language so I'll try to do my best)

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Biboran »

(btw I don't know if it is very visible or not, but English isn't my native language so I'll try to do my best)
My too, don't worry :D

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Auditor »

Good day gentlemens! (and gentlewomens of course)

Been such a long time since I involved myself online in a forum or community, but I couldn't resist this time.
Don't know why, but I recently thought about Daggerfall, played the game back when it was released in -96. (still have the box)
My brother and I used to fight over who should play my game on my computer ;)
We settled on one dungeon each, then we swap.

I don't remember how far I managed to get in the game, but I never completed the main quest.
Think I remember rage quitting it after I thought it was cumbersome to slay hordes of vampire ancients and daedras, in order to get to one lowly imp for the mages guild.
But that is part of the Daggerfall charm I guess!

While listening to some lets plays on youtube on Daggerfall, I was led here.
Downloaded and tested Daggerfall unity yesterday and was impressed!
Especially with the fact that everything was not flat. (even though the hills looked strnge when I moved the camera, I need to play around some more though)
Proceeded to beat privater's hold with an assassin, and ran to the closest settlement.
Took a quest from the fighters guild to slay an golem thingy in a random dungeon.
Without good gear and surrounded by screaming skeletons, I didn't have that much of a chance.

The run however, ended with me being stuck to some polygons sticking out from the floor.

So, my question is this.
How can I contribute? For instance the place where this happen, is it helpful to get a report of where and how?
I suppose you really cant go around and fix every possible location in Daggerfall, but maybe some engine tweaking to fix similar faults elsewhere?

I'm not an artist or good at PC-programming (I program industrial applications, PLC and HMI systems, so my knowledge is limited to Visual Basic, database handling and similar languages, been over 15 years since I studied C in school).
But I saw a guide (by Jay_H) on how to make quests, didn't look that hard to be honest, maybe something I could take a crack at if I get some good ideas. Always nice with more content.

Anyway, sorry for the long post and thank you for all the hard work you put in!


edit: spelling mistakes, English is my second language....

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Re: The Big Hello Thread

Post by Jay_H »

Welcome! :) I can say from first-hand experience, being a person with zero scripting experience, that quests are fairly easy to create :) And from your avatar I gather you're one of those rare Mordor: Depths of Dejenol fans?
Farewell DFU community! My time here has been a joy.

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