Extra factions

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Extra factions

Postby RH666 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:49 pm

So, as for ideas how possible would it be to create new join-able factions with their own quests and rewards? The other thread mentioned the Prostitutes guild, but there are also others that have not been implemented like the Bard's guild and some of the holy knight orders like the Order of the Lilly.

Now, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this idea, but a great way to get a lot of the custom quests needed for these factions might be a quest maker application. Basically a bunch of drop down menus that let you choose a type of quest: Monster bounty, vermin control, cast a spell on a NPC, find an item in a dungeon, etc and then choose things like what faction and npc they're for, your reward and other needed things. You could then write the quest text in the boxes provided and the program would then generate the code for the quest for testing or further tinkering.

What do folks think?
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Re: Extra factions

Postby Jay_H » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:36 am

Using the current quest system, I've already created a couple of new factions. Only one, the Cartographers, has any real depth. You can reach rank 3 in it, the highest rank possible.

It doesn't have a formal rank registration, as DFU's faction limitations are still hard-coded. What I've done is create a system as follows:

1. Offer an introductory quest via a randomly placed NPC.
2. Completing the introductory quest spawns one of three random quests in several weeks' time. The PC is informed via letter of the next mission.
3. Meeting the NPC for the next mission, the PC is assigned to do a task.
4. Upon completing the task and meeting the quest NPC, a reward is offered and the game randomly chooses between the three quests and a promotion.
5. The promotion means you get a letter saying you're now on a higher rank in the guild, and all quests offered thereafter will be of higher rank, reward, and importance.
6. The promotion can spawn any of three Rank 2 quests. Any of the Rank 2 quests can spawn any other Rank 2 quest or a Rank 3 promotion at random upon successful completion.

The cycle of steps 3-6 continue into Rank 3, which then just offers a large pool of random and recurring quests.

If the PC fails any quest, a failsafe quest is spawned, where the PC is given a chance to meet a regional NPC and make reconciliation for the failure and maintain rank. This can be done an infinite number of times.

It's a rudimentary system, but right now it is a fully-fledged faction.

An idea I had, much further than 1.0, is to have various NPC types randomly spawn in taverns and other buildings in cities. Each of these would offer various services and factions, such as necromancers, magic repairers (at a high cost), soul gem salespeople, potionmakers, and so on. It seems like a reasonable way to make factions available without designating specific buildings for them, which may not be possible in DF.
Come give your feedback on the ideas in my general thread, and share your DFU characters in the character thread.
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Re: Extra factions

Postby Interkarma » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:44 am

That's a great answer, thank you Jay!

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