Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

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Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by Interkarma »

The first alpha builds are here, and we're entering the final stages at long last. A somewhat shorter devblog article this month to document recent changes and celebrate this milestone.

https://www.dfworkshop.net/daggerfall-u ... a-release/

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by King of Worms »


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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by Hazelnut »

Congratulations Interkarma. This truly is an amazing milestone!

Kudos for sticking with this thing, there's a reason it's rare for a project like this to get completed. Probably only other significant contributors to DFU codebase will really have a real sense of how big this task was and how many hours of effort it required to get here (spoiler: fcuking huge amount!) and I'm very glad that I could play a small part in helping you.

Enjoy your new found fame mate - name checked in PC Gamer is pretty neat!

Also, I've released the new version of the Archaeologists guild to coincide with the alpha release of DFU. Go over here to get the new version 0.6: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=888

Lots of work to polish left still but 0.10 alpha is here!!! :D Wooooo.
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU: https://github.com/ajrb/dfunity-mods

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by Ferital »

That's simply awesome! :shock: :)

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by pango »

That's a milestone indeed, for a project started years ago!

Many people have been waiting for this milestone to start playing Daggerfall Unity, so we'll see if that translates into a wave of new and different bug reports...
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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by mikeprichard »

This is indeed an extremely rare and impressive achievement, and speaks to the incredible dedication over countless thankless hours spent by Interkarma primarily as the original motivator and driving force behind DFU, but also to the many other core and occasional developers and community members who have come together to make this happen. I can only imagine how gratifying it can be to reach this point after so many years of work and "black triangle" days - and it's all because IK and the other devs are seriously tenacious motherf_ers.

It's been a long road to alpha, but DFU is now at a great beginning - can't wait to see what the future holds!

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by emmathepony »

Said it on Twitter but I'll say it again: thank you for your hard work! You've created the best and my favourite mod/project for a video game ever! Between this and OpenMW will bring thousands of hours of free customisable entertainment I only wish you would accept donations but I get why you can't.

You've made my dream come true, as cliche as that is...

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by mtrredux »

Congrats and thanks so much to the team.
You guys are awesome.

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by Altuğ »

I haven't played vanilla Daggerfall because I wanted to play it with Daggerfall Unity. And finally I can dive into it and inhale the atmosphere of the most ambitious Elder Scrolls game! I can't thank you enough for what you have done for all TES fans. I am looking forward to see the Beta version and the translation support, because I want to see this game in my native tongue and you are the invaluable people who made such a thing possible!

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Re: Daggerfall Unity Alpha Release

Post by Dalebvr »


As someone who chased after the UPS truck back in the 90's, and have had Daggerfall on my various game boxes over the decades since that time of upheaval, when DOS was displaced/gobbled up by Win 95 (and Gods did that create issues all on its own).

BRAVO. :ugeek:

Hopefully now the kiddies will get a chance to come to know just why, despite the bugs, breaks, and limitations that 90's code and computer tech forced upon creativity, that this game had and still has a solid base of fans.

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