[0.10.27] - Daedra Seducer too easy now?

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[0.10.27] - Daedra Seducer too easy now?

Post by Ralzar »

I love the fact that the Daedra Seducer transformation is implemented. However, at the moment they can be backstabbed from the front while transforming and get interrupted if they get knocked back. Which pretty much leads to stun-locking and backstabbing them to death.

Maybe make the temporarily immune to knockback? Or damage? Or backstab at least?

Edit: Or stop them from transforming if the player is too close? The problem is really that they try to transform while getting meleed.
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Re: Daedra Seducer too easy now?

Post by King of Worms »

Also on topic of Daedra Seducer.

Do they ever transform back to human form? Because the sprites for transformation are there, but I spawned many of those and none of them ever transformed back.

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Re: Daedra Seducer too easy now?

Post by Interkarma »

Feedback taken on board. I'm pretty sure the backstab issue is a straight bug anyway. I'll move this one to bug reports.

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Re: [0.10.27] - Daedra Seducer too easy now?

Post by pango »

I submitted a PR to prevent backstabbing
They're still a bit weak, because their transformation is interrupted each time you land a hit.
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