Cartographer artifact quest clarification

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Cartographer artifact quest clarification

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Hey everyone, first time posting here but been following the DFU project and the forums for a while now and was wanting some clarification on the early artifact quest.
According to ... k_1_Guides
"This quest is offered to characters level 1 and 2 once Quest Pack 1 begins"

Does this mean that if I were to load the pack on my level 20 Character this quest would not ever be offered because I am higher than level 2? Also, it lists three artifacts. Are these chosen at random or does something else determine that ?

Also, if the quest offers an artifact that I don't want can I reload a save before I received the quest in order to get a different offer or do I have to make a whole new character and begin again?

Asking because I'm planing a brand-new character play though and was a little confused.

Thanks everyone and much love and appreciation to everyone involved with this project.

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