[Idea] waifu2x/xBRZ "hybrid" sprite scaling method

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[Idea] waifu2x/xBRZ "hybrid" sprite scaling method

Post by MrFlibble » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:16 pm

I'm playing around with waifu2x and it seems that this tool gets pretty good results when dealing with images produced from 3D renders. However, when it comes to sprites the edges are handled poorly:

On the other hand, xBRZ can produce smoother sprite edges yet does little to enhance image detail:

So I thought that combining both methods might produce an overall better result. The obvious solution is to keep the external outline of the xBRZ sprite and impose it over the version produced by waifu2x:

Clearly not perfect but rather fine I suppose. I kept an outline 3 pixels thin which I produced by first discolouring the xBRZ sprite to just a shape of single solid colour and then gradually removing the three outer pixel outlines (I suppose there may be a faster way to achieve this but I'm not aware of any at the moment).

I guess that the outer shape may be further refined manually but I haven't tried that.

For waifu2x processing I used this implementation, and the xBRZ Scaler Test tool is available here.

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Re: [Idea] waifu2x/xBRZ "hybrid" sprite scaling method

Post by King of Worms » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:14 pm

I came to the same conclusion. If this can be automatized, than its a deal. If not, its a ordeal :) Because we talking 5000 sprites for animated NPCs here. So I went with XBR4x and than batch reduced the resolution by 50%. That way, I got the best results I was able to achieve & even this simplified process almost killed me. I tryed using scripting where it was possible, thanks Lacus for that. But the process has too many steps anyway... it was hard core FOR ME... I needed to set up a secondary monitor just for that and my both monitors were full of windows - one error = disaster somewhere in the game. It TRULY hurt my brain. Cant Imagine doing this with any additional step. But Im not some guru - quite contrary - so it might be possible to find a better way to do that than I did OFC!

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