New spell effects

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New spell effects

Post by Jay_H » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:06 pm

Once again robbing from Discord, there are more effects that could be implemented to make DF's spell schools more usable. Illusion, as it stands, is completely broken: Invisibility is far too powerful for too little cost. Therefore, Invisibility would need to increase in spell cost, and let other spells have lower costs.

I don't think Destruction or Restoration need content since they're the most used and most purposeful spell schools, so I don't include them here. Suggestions welcome, though.

Detect Living
Detect Dead
Gravity Toss: non-damaging spell that throws enemy backward, including off heights
Anchor: holds enemy in place for duration of spell. Enemy can still attack, fire arrows, and cast spells.
Living Armor: During spell's duration, gain +1 resistance to physical damage for every hit received. Re-casting the spell resets the resistance counter.
Frenzy: During the spell's duration, gain 1% quicker attack speed for every successful strike on an enemy. Re-casting the spell resets the speed counter.
Combat Regeneration: During spell's duration, gain +1 health regeneration per magic round for every hit received. Re-casting the spell resets the regeneration counter.
Reflect Damage: Returns 50% of all damage infliced on PC to its attacker during the spell's duration.
Hungry Blade: Heals PC for 10% of damage inflicted with weapons during its duration. Stacks with other lifesteal effects.
Silver Alloy: Any weapon does 2x damage to werewolves and wereboars during its duration.

Invisibility to Undead
Tame Animal: Enslave a target animal for the spell's duration, causing it to follow and fight for you.
Enslave Undead: Enslave a target undead creature, causing it to follow and fight for you.
Camouflage: Maintains invisibility effect while PC does not move. Archery, fighting, and spellcasting do not break effect.
it would be nice if you could make a clone of yourself like the holo-duke
Bedlam: Affected enemy will randomly target any enemy nearby for its duration.

Leaguestep: combat spell, used to teleport 10 meters in a random direction (onto ground on the same elevation)
Conveyance: Teleports to a random point anywhere in the loaded interior. Can be used in dungeons, houses, palaces, etc.
Teleportation: Instant teleportation to any location in the current region. Very high magicka cost, perhaps other side effects. Outdoors only.
Sanctuary: Teleports to outside of the current location (essentially, trans_out console command). Useful for when you forget to set a Recall anchor.
Soul Release: Cast this spell and use an occupied Soul Gem to release the monster inside, enslaving it to follow and fight for you for the spell's duration.

Slowing Field: An area in front of the caster gains a slowing effect, reducing enemy movement through it by (spellpower)%.
Barrier: An area in front of the caster becomes impassable during the duration.
Feedback: Targeted spell, enemy spellcaster suffers damage of (magicka)/4 for every spell cast during its duration.
Dragging Steps: Gradually reduce the enemy's movement speed to 0, at which it will remain for the spell's duration.
Transmute Poison: If the PC is poisoned, any damage that the poison would cause is healed instead during the duration.
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