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Re: Timescale to 1

Post by NikitaTheTanner »

I actually think a one-to-one timescale would be a great feature, or at least some way to configure it and save the setting. The world of Daggerfall is quite comparable to our world in size, and I don't think that it requires a significant timescale alteration, unlike later TES games, which all have a rather minuscule world in comparison.

Another thing that would be great - add some time passing to various actions, like dialogues, picking up items, reading books, etc. Some can be real time (like the books), others can be just a small progression of time (a few minutes here and there) - I think this would increase immersion, especially when you spend the day shopping or talking to people. Since time is important in Daggerfall (quests have deadlines) - it will make you think twice before wasting time on some of the activities in the world.

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Re: Timescale to 1

Post by JaceyLessThan3 »

Hazelnut wrote: Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:28 am I'd consider adding this as a setting in Roleplay & Realism if you thoroughly test out the effect on all the game systems for any weirdness and post results here. I'd want to be confident that it doesn't break stuff first. I theory the main impact I can think of is on quest spawns that are defined to happen every x minutes... pretty sure that's game time, and since that will be running 12 times slower the spawns may come too infrequently etc.
I am currently playing with Timescale set to 1, so I will let you know if I witness any weirdness!

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Re: Timescale to 1

Post by l3lessed »

I agree, having realistic time scale would be nice. I don't know how hard it would be to hook into those quests code wise and fix the spawn to adjust with time scale changes, but that would be the first way to fix that balance issue.

Also, for dialogue taking time, I think having time not stop while doing actions or dialogue is a better, immersive approach versus moving time a set amount.
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