Regarding climbing

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Regarding climbing

Post by NikitaTheTanner » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:41 am

Climbing is now a very fun system, helpful and fun to use! This is pretty awesome! But I feel like Climbing skill is relatively useless, as far as I am concerned it mostly boosts climbing speed correct? This is not bad, but not game changing.

What if more Zelda: BotW system was implemented? In the game, climbing would rapidly deplete player's Stamina, and if it runs out you fall down, sometimes to your doom. What if something similar was implemented in Daggerfall?

I understand that currently Stamina is not a regenerating resource, like it is in Zelda, Oblivion or Skyrim, so it can't be remade 1-to-1, unless how Stamina works changes as well. But perhaps climbing could be significantly harmful to Stamina, especially for inexperienced climbers? Let's say it's not as extreme, but it's still very noticeable, and if it runs out - you'll drop down.

Once your Climbing skill is high enough, it becomes much more manageable, almost non-issue for master climbers, but if your climbing is around 10-20 you'll see Stamina burn in real time before your eyes. I understand that this change will definitely be non-required, might be a mod, but I think it would really help balance awesomeness of climbing, with some restrictions to it based on character's skill/attributes.

This change would also make Stamina an even more important stat, making potions that restore it more valuable to the player.

Random video as an example:

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Re: Regarding climbing

Post by Narf the Mouse » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:30 am

Hmm... If fast-travel took into account the roughness of terrain, then climbing skill could affect travel time.

For that matter, a Hiking skill that affects fast-travel and perhaps travel outside of settlements or dungeons ("overland travel"), could be an interesting counter-part to Running.
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