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Spell merchants in all temple factions

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:23 pm
by Cliffworms
I've been playing a Healer for the Order of Arkay recently and something struck me : Only the Temple of Kynareth has a spell maker, according to Daggerfall's guide book. No spell merchants!

Would it be possible to add one to all temples? Would it even be possible to restrict the spells sold there to be only of the Restoration school of magic and the other schools trained by them? For exemple, the Resolution of Zenithar would sell Restoration and Thaumaturgy spells, Benevolence of Mara would sell Restoration and Illusion spells, etc.

Since there are healers in all temples, I think it'd make sense if spells were also sold there instead of going to the Mages Guild to buy Cure Disease

What do you think? :)