Paperdoll upscale shader

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Paperdoll upscale shader

Post by King of Worms » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:43 pm

Creating the upscaled versions of every piece of armor, clothing and weapon with all the color variants for clothing, and material variants for weapons and armors is incredibly taxing task. You end up with 1000s of files with all the variants etc, than you need to create a correct high res mask and make it all work.


You CAN create a custom shader which will upscale the paperdoll.

I asked Interkarma about the possibility of this and this was his reply:

" would be possible to switch the shader rendering paper doll textures to something else (e.g. one that does some nice upscaling). The shader itself isn't exposed to replacement by mods but I see no reason why it couldn't be.

There are a few small Daggerfall-specific quirks to consider when writing a new paper doll shader. If someone produces a new upscaling shader that ticks the same boxes, I'd even be happy to include as an option in the base game."

So - if anyone skilled enough can create a shader and implement a upscaling algo to it, using the algo already known like xBRZ or even some AI like ESRGAN or anything else (maybe more basic) - this could do the task quite effectively without the need to manually recreate every last piece of accessories for the paperdoll - which is a extreme job.

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