Implement the Event System Fully

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Implement the Event System Fully

Post by Adrinus » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:00 pm

Daggerfall has an "Event" system, in "The Daggerfall Chronicles" they are listed, but their effects are never explained, and I believe there are no programmed effects in-game beyond flavor text. Many of the events are actually ripe for implementation.

Below are some suggestions I could think of off the top of my head, but anything will do, I just reckon it'd make for a more immersive experience.

No Particular Condition: Neutral State.
War just begun: See soldiers amassing inside or just outside the towns.
War in progress: Higher chance of being attacked by groups of "soldiers" as you travel between these regions.
War Just Won: Pawn shops have extra stock, with a high chance of more weapons and armor as loot in the winning town.
War just Lost: Shops are almost completely out of weapons and armor, (but pay higher for them?)
Plague Just Begun: Random mobile NPCs in towns affected should be set as "diseased", if a player interacts they also get the disease.
Plague Spreading: People won't invite you inside (unless quest related), there's far less mobile NPCs walking around town, and "corpse piles" are spawned randomly around town.
Plague just ended: Corpse piles are now bon-fires. Alchemical goods are in short supply, and people let you into their homes again.
Famine just begun: Food is still in supply but is vastly over-priced.
Famine spreading: Food is impossible to find in stores.
Famine just ended: Food is expensive, but available, (selling food makes extra profit?)
Witch Burnings: Witches covens are hidden while this event is going on.
Crime Wave: Much higher chance to be randomly attacked by thieves and the likes while in towns.
New Ruler: (I dunno about this one.. Maybe a reputation shift with nobles?)
Bad Harvest: Food is overpriced, and scarce, but not so much as during a famine.
Religious Persecution: Players with high reputations in other deities besides the town's can be attacked by the guards.
Prices up: self explanatory
Prices down: Self explanatory
Happy Holiday: People are nicer to you: effective reputation boost to everyone in the town.
Scary Holiday: People don't invite you in, and no-one is on the streets except guards.
Holy Holiday: Temples offer free services

On a side note, it seems to me we need a hunger/food mod.

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