Werewolf Packs and the Silver Hand as factions

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Werewolf Packs and the Silver Hand as factions

Post by RealTeddyRed » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:22 pm

I think it would be really cool, and lore friendly, to have a mod that introduces werewolf packs and the silver hand as joinable factions.

Their could be somewhere between 2-4 werewolf packs that meet secretly in certain towns/cities. You could join a pack when you receive a mysterious letter after turning for the first time. Each pack could have different bonuses, similar to the vampire bloodlines. Some ideas for quests for the packs:
- The silver hand has taken up post at a nearby dungeon, kill at least X number of their members inside to scare them off (silver hand members use silver weapons and are tougher than normal humans, so they can damage you)
- A rogue werewolf is drawing unwanted attention, kill them at their home in the city/town of X (they will turn when confronted, and you will have to fight them in werewolf form)
- The people in the city/town of X are growing too comfortable, slay at least X number of innocents in werewolf form to put them in their place
- An alchemist in X city/town has figured out a cure for lycanthropy, investigate his claims and find the ingredients they need to make it (only available from a were pack that is seeking the cure, not from all were packs)

The werewolf packs could have trainers for Hand-to-Hand, Running, etc. and you could also make donations to get a temporary blessing from hircine.

Some ideas for pack bonuses are:
- Improved Hand-to-Hand and Running skills
- Increase maximum spell points by INT on full moons

The Silver Hand could have a visible guild hall in various cities. You could join the Silver Hand at any time. They would gift you a silver weapon of your choice when you join them, and some ideas for quests are:
- In our city/town, X is suspected of being a werewolf, ask around to see if you can find out who it is and put them down (they will turn when you confront them)
- There are reports of a werewolf in X nearby dungeon, travel their and put them down
- With growing concerns of werewolves nearby, the people need to be armed, deliver these silver weapons to X number of people in the town/city of X
- A member of the silver hand has been turned into a werewolf, deal with them by curing them (starts a longer quest) or killing them

The silver hand could have training for Long Blade, Medical, Restoration, etc., discounted weapon repairs, and could give you enchanted silver equipment made specifically for fighting werewolves as you progress in their ranks (boosts to spell points only on full moons, potent against animals, etc.). On new moons (or maybe full moons?) training and weapon repairs could be free.

If you are a werewolf, the silver hand won't let you join them, but they will start a quest to get you cured, after which you can join them.

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Re: Werewolf Packs and the Silver Hand as factions

Post by Kamer » Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:48 am

I've been thinking of working on Werewolf Hunters/Vampire Hunter guilds but my hands have been pretty full lately. There is a lot that can be done right now and not too many people seem to be interested in making guilds. I'll end up doing a Thieves Guild quest expansion first but I'm very interested in this, or a Pirate Type guild.

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