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Re: Alternate Start

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Lokkrin Zhataros wrote: Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:31 am -The option to choose whether or not to be involved in the main quest.
-The option to start from any visible location in any kingdom on the entire map or choose a kingdom and let the game choose a random dungeon within that kingdom.
-The option to start in any town with added option of having a pre-purchased house or ship of your choice.
-The option to choose to be a member of one of any joinable faction and will start from that faction's guild hall in a town of your choice.
Good ideas and I absolutely agree. I'd love to see a mod that did most of these things.

Btw, notice that if you combine the Alternate Starting Dungeon mod and combine it with the No Main Quest mod you'll get something that at least vaguely looks like this :D

However, this is really the tail end of another mod that has been talked about before but I'm not sure if is curretnly possible, which is to mod the character creation. All these things could be starting questions that built your background.
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Re: Alternate Start

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Alternatively, you could have these "Alternate Start" options right after character creation. Maybe have windows popup giving you these options just like other mods like Warm Ashes does when your character loads into Privateers Hold. When you choose an option it just teleports you to the location as specified or runs the join guild process-then teleports to guild hall or shows the bank window for purchasing a house/ship then teleports to a specified town, etc. Some of these things can basically already be done using console commands. Unless I'm completely missing something and overestimating DFU's abilities, it seems something like this can be put together using the current version of DFU.
I may be wrong, of course.

Don't really care that much if this is a part of the actual character creation process as I feel these are somewhat separate options having more to do with character's starting location rather than setting up character stats.

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Re: Alternate Start

Post by zimmix »

I know this is not a new topic, but I am really interested in being able to choose which Town I begin the game in - this would completely change the narrative text of course, but there are Mods that already do that, like Random Dungeon Starting Mod, and toggling Start Outside Privateer Hold option, etc.

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Re: Alternate Start

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Funnily enough, a couple months ago I was working on an edit of Jay_H's Starting Dungeon Randomizer which, instead of sending you to a random dungeon, would have a random chance to send you to a dungeon, a tavern, a guild, a palace, a shop, or a random house, with some random flavor text in you log about how you got there (e.g., if the game decided to send you to a house, it would choose between putting in your log that you were there to visit a dying relative, or that you had been robbed while travelling and the house's owner had found you and nourished back to health, etc.), but had to give up on it because for some reason when the quest system tries to teleport you to anywhere other than a dungeon you just appear in a black void.
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