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Re: [Feature request] Better spells visual (and audio?) feedback

Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 11:05 pm
by l3lessed
Look at my ambidexterity mod on how to get particles in and showing in game.

The main way will be using the engine particle editor to create whatever effect you want on its own. Save that as a prefab. Use DFU mod asset manager method to import the prefab. Use Unity Instantiate() method to create the effect where you want with the spell duration being passed to its Instantiate time. If the spell doesn't have a timer, just ensure the effect gets destroyed with the end of the spell by either attaching it to the spell effect object (if there is one) or using straight Destroy() method to manually remove it.

You would use the DFU spell manager method to access the individual spells and attach the prefabbed effect to them.

Nice work on the fireball knock back.