Grand theft wagon

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Grand theft wagon

Post by L57 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:06 am

Has anybody thought about a quest which involves theft of the players wagon? :lol: I mean, you delve into the dungeon, spend a few days there, gonna collect happily all the loot, and then... ba-dum-tss: you find there is no wagon anymore! Like, there is a small chance that enemies will find your wagon and steal it. A chance could increase depending on how long you explore dungeon without returning to the entrance. for example. :roll:

Then you can look where the tracks lead, get a detective mini-quest and find where are bandits reside with your loot... and if you're too slow, they can sell all your stuff, so you'll need to redeem it in different stores. :lol:

I guess such feature would be pretty annoying and I'm not sure that I would play with such a mod myself, but still... quite immersive feature it would be, wouldn't it? :lol:

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Re: Grand theft wagon

Post by pango » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:23 am

Yeah, thought about something like that too :)
Not sure it would be a good mechanic, but could make a good quest if it happens once in a while.
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Re: Grand theft wagon

Post by FoldedDice » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:10 am

The wagon is definitely one of Daggerfall’s features that felt underdone to me. I’d like to see it be changed to something other than just a magic bag of holding that safely follows you everywhere except into the dungeons.

Adding a risk that it could be stolen when leaving it unattended in a hostile area is a nice and very realistic idea. Perhaps there could be an option to store the wagon and its contents safely inside a town. You still get the benefit of owning a cart, but there’s an extra layer of management involved and the mass-looting of dungeons becomes somewhat more impractical.

Maybe extend that to the horse as well, so that for diving you’d have to first pick a nearby town to use as a temporary home base and walk the rest of the way in, on foot and cartless. But then of course they would be waiting again in town when the time came to resume your journeys.

Or you could just take the cart and the risk. Probably safe enough for graveyards or small dungeons, but it would always call for a bit of careful planning.

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