[Mod idea] Custom selection of dungeon themes

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[Mod idea] Custom selection of dungeon themes

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I find (and I know I'm not alone) Dungeon Theme 14 aka "Castle Dungeon" very annoying: it's short and repetitive, and trumpet sound's not great, as often the case for synth trumpet sounds. I often just mute the music in dungeons that use it.

On the other hand, SongManager lists 10 tracks, song_d1 to song_d10, as unused dungeon themes, and listening to them they're really not bad, I think I could totally enjoy those in game.

It would be great to have some mod that lets you select what themes to include. Having the option to play usual themes for main quest dungeons would be a plus, even if I doubt users of such mod would care that much.
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Re: Custom selection of dungeon themes

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Id love the unused music to be in the game. I think we really cant afford to waste assets this way - like, here are 10 tracks, lets never use them in the game. We should push for using these assets.

Same goes for tjose unused building models, sprites..

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