[Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

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[Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

Post by Ralzar »

This has been bothering me for a while. When the clock hits 16:00 it gets rapidly dark. In exactly the same way if you are in southern or northern country. Or if it's summer or winter.

I would really like to see a mod that extended sunlight in summer time and perhaps shortened it in winter time. Particularly stretching out sunlight in summer time. I'm not sure how daylight times are in southern countries, but being a norwegian, the day/night cycle seems pretty weird to me.
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Re: [Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

Post by King of Worms »

Thats really good and realistic idea. It would also maybe lead to reworking the curve... thing I was not able to do :X

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Re: [Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

Post by Tkia »

You're assuming an axial tilt to the planet to give that effect. Does Nirn have that kind of axial tilt?

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Re: [Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

Post by l3lessed »

Here is a cool visual of how the worlds work in relation to each other, and yes, Nirns y axis is on a slight tilt, as seen in the images.
https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questio ... it-its-sun

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From here, two different accounts fork. One that Aldemari worship; in this one, Anu, feeling/seeing the results of his conflict with his opposite, spawned the first soul in himself (and thus all subsequent soles) so he could self-reflect and have conscience. His opposite did the same too to create Sithis. In this timelesl place, now having a soul and concience, noticed the chaos and turbulence created, which created turbulence in himself and soul since he is everything. So, finally, to give order to the timeless chaos of everything happening everywhere all at once he created time to bring order to everything, most importantly his new born soul. From here, all the subsequent creations begin to manifest themselves using the construct of time. Elves prefer this version because it also emphasizes that Anu becomes the bloodline for the elves, which who wouldn't want to be the children of the god of everything.

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Re: [Mod Idea] Seasonal sunlight

Post by Daniel87 »

Tkia wrote: Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:55 pm You're assuming an axial tilt to the planet to give that effect. Does Nirn have that kind of axial tilt?
It must have, otherwise there were no seasons.

My mod is using the day/night time and seasons to spawn fireflies.
So if there is a mod like this, I would need to write a fix for this and know how to translate the hours into actual daylight.

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