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Re: Mastery ideas

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My mistake, I haven't used it. Thanks for the correction ;)

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Re: Mastery ideas

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I think mastery would work well if we cannot go beyond the skill limit. I've seen attributes go up to 200 so far via mods like levelup adjust, and skills are hard cap by experience to level 100 but can go beyond with gearing enchanted with "enhance skills" that can stack, but I don't know the limit of that cap.

I think the skill hard cap can be removed, making mastery seems useless by certain ideas of implementation, it can however work as a milestone project instead, giving potential bonuses for achievement, for example at level 50 strength (attribute), your carry limit is x2 multiplier on top other mods that support carry limit. Another example if willpower (attribute) is 100, your spells has +15 magnitude across the board at no additional cost of the spells.

If we can make something like that, it could be very useful indeed, but I can see people have the potential to mod almost everything once the developers continue to crack into the game's code, and can change the entirely of the gameplay, where it be more modernized as it is, and while enjoying the graphics of the past and adding more into it.

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