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A few mod ideas

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:08 pm
by Midknightprince
1.A bug's mod - on the overworld, just a few bugs flying around, maybe ( and this would be cool) fireflies at night giving of that yellow haze light.
Maybe a bunch over the water, don't know if you could do all this but it would be cool.

2.The hud mod - This one could do two things. you could choose what hud elements to show (health bars, compass etc), AND have some kind of status effect on the screen of you like that kinda thing.
I'm thinking a dimming of the screen as you take damage, like vignette in the PP mod, something simple, if you can do blood splatters , do that.
Maybe starting at 3/4 damage, darker at 1/2 and so on until almost a pin hole at 1/4, or you can adjust the settings (because TheLacus likes to give us those options :D ), maybe ice on the corners in winter, water droplets when its raining, stuff floating past the player in the air, stuff like that...
Just an idea..

3.Some kind of sounds mod - with this one I'm thinking kinda broad here...were talking breezy sounds outside, maybe chimes in the city, more scary moans in the night, owls hooting, more wilderness sounds, I think adding some kind of breezy sound outside at least wouldn't be lore breaking, especially late at night, outside a ruin with the crickets chirping..
It seems like they could be done the same way the game picks music (nighttime, city, dungeon etc), just depends on how much stuff you want to add, and how many places (rattling of plates at taverns, priests chanting in temples etc).
Don't know how or if you could do this but I think adding sounds, really good atmospheric sounds can go ALONG way..

4. The "take the light from the player away" mod - this one just makes the light cast from the player go away, which I've actually kinda wanted since i first started playing Daggerfall.
Maybe make it to where you actually have to have a torch to get the light (seems like a stretch but who knows).
Making torches an actual thing would be insane...but at least maybe just take the light away (if it can be done) I think would be a good one, or if it can just be added to the launcher even better..

5. Buzzards over head at dungeons/graveyards - so this one just shows up in the zone when your in it, like the bird mod.
Some of the pop ups even say "buzzards circling overhead" or something like that, so how cool would it be to have an extra edge when looking for stuff the hard way (it's still pretty hard as it is).
So they would just be sprites like the birds, only circle over these places so you can see em from a distance, purely cosmetic.

6. the Fog mod - Bare with me here, I'm thinking spots in graveyards, little whiffs of fog covering the ground, mixed in the the real grass, or maybe even above it.
If it can float by, just make it go from one direction to the other, only showing up at the location.
It can go thru stuff np, if the light from the torches can reflect off of or be effected by it, imagine checking that out at night.
Regardless, I think some kind of fog effect at graveyards, even dungeons, outside, if it can be done right would look mighty awesome, and I know about the weather, different thing..

Don't know how much of this stuff is doable, if any.
Just thinking about things I think would be a good addition to the roster.
If my ideas are completely insane let me know, especially the light around the player one.
I'll update this thing when you guy's debunk my stuff, or i think of new things :D

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:16 pm
by King of Worms
I like it all - Id like to add and comment

1) Bugs - add flying bugs around the lanterns/torches at night. Butter-flyes at day as well

2) On screen effects (blood on screen in fights, low stamina & low HP effects)! Yes! Add effects like water going down the screen after you leave the pools like in Crysis etc, light frost effects in a winter like in a Metro games...

2a) Water shaders! For ocean, ponds, dungeon water. Shaders of a surface and of the underwater!

3a) Sounds mods - something like mods called "Sounds of skyrim" - The Wilds, The Dungeons, The Civilization
3b) Music mods - add more music! The unused original tracks and some other free tracks from net (Ive got sources - ask)

4) The "take the light from the player away" absolutelly yes! That light should be there only when you have torch or light spell. And it should cast shadows around you!

5) Id like to see Ravens over the dungeons/graveyards as well

6) fog mode - for sure!
7) weather effects improved like
- rain - the shaders would place the rainy texture effect over everything like this.. it can be generic texture with gloss
01.jpg (537.46 KiB) Viewed 2227 times
- desert - shimmering hot air shader at the horizont and removal of all clouds in a desert regions!
like here after 30 seconds
- winter - more fog, better particle effects of snow, maybe adjusted DOF in a heavy blizzards
inspiration here
8) Smoke from chimneys esp at winter or rain!

9) Falling stars at night!

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:27 am
by Midknightprince
Wow, missed this one.
I really should follow my posts..
Good stuff king.

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:35 am
by Gudadantza
All those ideas are amazing and would add a lot to the immersion in the game.

Another mod I´d like to see is some kind of "Cliffs of Dover" like terrain borders between land and ocean, and/or realistic coastlines.

Now that the ocean is going to be worked deeply It should be a great addition. I do not know if it could be developed with the help of procedural generation, But who knows. Daggerfall Unity has surprised me during its development and its mod stuff.


Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:58 am
by quasifex
I'd like to add some of my ideas as well, if you dont mind, noble dudes.

- Add music volume slider (Music gets annoying pretty fast for me).
- Add more variation for repeating sounds (Footsteps, weapon swings, armor sounds and so on).
- Force use of original models and textures in 3D map instead of modded ones. (If there's going to be a lot of new hi-poly models it's going to be a heavy hit on the perfomance).
- Implement frustum culling. (This method is used in FPS games, i think it could increase perfomance).
- Option to decrease clipping distance. (I personally always loved close dense mist in old games).
- Make clipping distance closer during snowfall and after rain in the morning.
- A quest journal, with sorting and search.
- Attribute and Skill checks in dialogue-based quests which lead to different consequences/rewards/reputation changes in quests.
- More interactions with items and environment in dungeons (Example: using torch to open door in secret area).
- Vast farmlands around big cities (for immersion purposes).
- More locations in wilderness (bandit camps, animal lairs, lumber mills, hunter and fisherman huts, etc).
- Random encounters outside cities (low to mid level monsters, questgivers)
- More unique monsters. Example: rat has a chance to infect player with disease. With higher player level chance to get disease gets higher as well, but never higher than, let's say, 35%; Nymphs have a chance to lower player's intelligence and/or willpower; Lich can resurrect nearby monsters. Some monster (maybe ghosts) is totally invisible and can be seen only with use of Alteration spell.
- Guards-archers patrolling the walls.
- Implement rivers and climbable cliffs.

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:36 pm
by TheLacus
quasifex wrote: - Force use of original models and textures in 3D map instead of modded ones. (If there's going to be a lot of new hi-poly models it's going to be a heavy hit on the perfomance).
This is more a matter of lod, which must be supported by individual mods providing meshes variations.

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:45 am
by RH666
quasifex wrote:- Add music volume slider (Music gets annoying pretty fast for me).
To be fair, that's part of the core game and will be implemented at some point. No real need for it to be a mod unless someone can rig up something quickly until it's actually added back into the game.

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:40 am
by Biboran
My №1 mod that I waiting is that one that fix as many bugs and back as many cut content as possible in one package, maybe add a little bit more new content, same time not changing overall atmosphere and look of the game.
My №2 mod is that one who add no smooth-ed landscape, but more polygonal one, like in older games and in original daggerfall, but still using heighmap
My №3 mod tha that one, who add detailing to cities and made them more actual beliveble cities and made new tileset for every dungeon type :D

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:56 am
by Feralwarlord
another idea could be dual wielding

Re: A few mod ideas

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:22 pm
by Man-Bull Cultist
I would like to see someone try to implement the feature that Bethesda didn't have time to in the original Daggerfall, that being the ability to customize your house/boat.