(NSFW Mod) Prostitution

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Re: (NSFW Mod) Prostitution

Post by Kamer » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:55 am

Okay dorks, I'm still not gonna invested the time in to create an actual "Guild" at least for now. However, I can at least put some into the game world and give the option to you know what. It won't be put into it's own quest pack. At least for now. Atm I'm kinda merging it into Warm Ashes city events. It won't be a random encounter or event but rather while WA is randomly selecting things to happen, people from the Prostitutes guild will be added to the city allowing you to do you know what. It's still being tested, but will likely be one of the extra other things I will add to cities. The other thing I'm working on are Bards and their massive amounts of unused text.

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Re: (NSFW Mod) Prostitution

Post by greenlight » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:18 am

Lots of good ideas in this thread, but also some I am not very fond of. To clarify:

I think it would be best to implement prostitution/sex in a way that is consistent with whats already in the game, and not to force our own ideas of prostitution too much into the game. As I see it, the society in the game is fairly sex-positive, since books like "Rude Song" or "The Real Barenziah III" are widespread (read them if you haven't). Also, nudity is commonly seen in taverns and temples, and I don't know a single in-game reference where sexuality is criminalized.

Thus, I don't think prostitutes should be implemented as "whores" which are poor and of low social standing, but rather as respected people who mostly enjoy their occupation. Different prostitutes would focus on different needs, so in small towns you'll rather find "general" ones, while in larger cities a larger and more specialized variety can emerge.

The connection to the Temple of Dibella is to be debated - maybe Ted Peterson has some ideas on this. I personally would suggest that there is an occasional collaboration and general tolerance between prostitutes and their "holy colleagues", where most members of the temple see prostitutes as very ordinary and honourable messengers of love and joy, and most prostitutes admire the spiritual devotion and "purity" of members of the temple. Of course there would be conflicts as well, since some prostitutes might want to be free from the religious implications of their job, while some very religious people at the temple might complain about the lacking divine aspect of ordinary prostitution.

At last: While female prostitution is probably far more common than male one, the latter should also exist. there are also (almost) naked men in the Temple of Dibella, and I don't see any reason why male people should be excluded from offering sexual services.

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Re: (NSFW Mod) Prostitution

Post by pango » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:27 pm

While looking for playable orc race patch, I found that the author also wrote some quests for a prostitutes guild, maybe there's some ideas to salvage?
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