(NSFW Mod) Prostitution

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Re: (NSFW Mod) Prostitution

Post by Kamer » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:55 am

Okay dorks, I'm still not gonna invested the time in to create an actual "Guild" at least for now. However, I can at least put some into the game world and give the option to you know what. It won't be put into it's own quest pack. At least for now. Atm I'm kinda merging it into Warm Ashes city events. It won't be a random encounter or event but rather while WA is randomly selecting things to happen, people from the Prostitutes guild will be added to the city allowing you to do you know what. It's still being tested, but will likely be one of the extra other things I will add to cities. The other thing I'm working on are Bards and their massive amounts of unused text.

Me and the girls going uhhhhh "Shopping"

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