[MOD] Usable Starting Equipment

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[MOD] Usable Starting Equipment

Post by Ralzar »

After character creation, the mod checks your weapons and armors for forbidden materials, weapon types, armor types and shield types.

When possible, it downgrades the item to a poorer item you can use.

You start with Iron Greaves
If you can not use plate, you get Chain Greaves.
If you can not use chain either, you get Leather Greaves.
If you can not use leather either, you get a random piece of clothing for legs.

When a weapon or shield is impossible to downgrade further, the item gets removed and you receive a small random amount of gold instead.

Also: some quest mods add items at game start. These are currently bugged so you will get iron weapons with the color of elven.
This mod will convert these items to the material they appear to be. As long as you are able to use that weapon type and material.

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Re: [MOD] Usable Starting Equipment

Post by King of Worms »

Great, this makes sense. Why would any character have a unusable pieces of armor or weapons on em..

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Re: [MOD] Usable Starting Equipment

Post by Jay_H »

Another instant download. Well done Ralzar!

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