Lively 3D Animals of Daggerfall (Extension Mod)

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Re: Lively 3D Animals of Daggerfall (Extension Mod)

Post by Daniel87 »

Wow, man this is amazing!
Please keep up the great work, imagine a daggerfall with all 3D models. You're doing the first steps here. Even if it's too much for you alone, but people will pick up and one day Daggerfall will be prettier than Skyrim :D
I love it!

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Re: Lively 3D Animals of Daggerfall (Extension Mod)

Post by l3lessed »

Took a break from this while I optimize my enchanted compass mod.

However, I did finish a basic Ai following script. The horse can now be told to follow the player, and it will follow it as long as the player is in sight. When leaving sight, the horse will remember the last position the player was and go to it. At the same time, the player starts dropping bread crumb coordinates behind themselves for the horse to follow until the player comes back into line of sight. When it does, the horse than b-lines it to the player and any remaining bread crumb coordinates are cleared out.

It works pretty well as of now with the horse having a pretty hard time getting stuck on something. However, I do need to code in some more intelligent pathfinding for when the animal gets stuck or has to deal with cliffs, ledges, or other dangers to them.

I'm more waiting on Ninelan to provide/finish the animations he wants for all the animals and for an issue with importing and attaching the objects to the billboard on launch before I begin dumping time into this again.

However, most the hard base setup work and framework for the animations and movement/actions system is now done. At this point, it is more refining, improving, and then customizing some things for each animal.
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Re: Lively 3D Animals of Daggerfall (Extension Mod)

Post by Ninelan »

If I'm not mistaken only the horse proper is missing. And it's just a small animation tweak it needs.
The seagull is an entirely different matter as it just keeps sitting on the log!

I'll inform you when I get those two uploaded.
I've been taking a break from the projects as well!

But this sounds interesting, so now you'd sorta be able to take the various animals for a walk then.
It'll work really well with riding the horses, as most games end up suffering from this. Losing your horse as you take a small walking detour! Not so much an issue if they end up following you.

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