Daggerfall Marriage System

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by Sean10M » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:29 am

I love marriage systems so this would honestly be a nice addition to see. So yes I'm definitely interested.

Nut out the basics first of course so focusing on commoners first and foremost makes the most sense. However yeah. Down the road I wouldn't mind seeing spouses from other backgrounds like vampires, werewolves, crooks, nobals, priests and what not. Different people that would react in different ways to different acts. As well as perhaps a way to sway people to one or another path. So help a crook come clean or corrupt a good soul.

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by jedidia » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:44 am

In my oppinion a marriage system only really makes sense if you have a fedual simulation going on like M&B. Pretty difficult to give spouses any mechanical significance otherwise...

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by Ralzar » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:54 am

This could work well with the ability to buy a house.

Mybe the spouse is happier the bigger house you buy? :D
There's a lot of potential for a light "The Sims" minigame here.

I can totally envision getting letters from your spouse while you're out and about.

Oooh, and if you get bad enough rep with some of the worse organizations, they might go after your spouse. So you suddenly get a ransom-note from the Thieves Guild for example. Or your spouse sends you a letter saying to come at once, there are people watching the house. Then you get home and she's gone, but she left you a clue as to where she's gone into hiding :D

Lots of fun stuff that can be done with this system. Quests immediately become more personal and have permanent effects.

Edit: And could you get a quest that lasts 9 months and has a little bundle of joy as a quest reward? :D
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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by daggerdude » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:51 am

I think for me this is just a nice quality of life feature. There were prostitutes planned, but not marriage? Kinda weird if you ask me.

1.) Meeting
- Perhaps through going to the tavern, sometimes in bookstores, general stores, or temples you can meet a individual (male or female) with a dialogue box option, much like a quest - this person would have a random still image selected that's appropriate-ish to the setting. Not going to have a nude dancer or a prostitute at a general store chatting you up.

Perhaps character doll snapshots to add more variety...

So you have a dialogue box saying "You might be going mad, but you thought you caught them wink at you. Try to start a conversation?" or something along the lines...

The dialogue would start a speech check to see if you hit it off, with high rolls giving a "you talked for hours - taking like 3 hours" or "they smiled, but the moment you opened your mouth they frowned and stormed off". something like that.

As far as dating services are concerned, the house of dibella could have a rank based service for matchmaking that would allow you to specifically choose traits, like
-whether they're high class, common, or low class (with an associated cost),
-whether they're male or female,
-which race, and
-allow you to pick what they look like from static NPC images (or like i said, player doll snapshots.)

perhaps more character traits such as: fun loving, adventurous, melancholic, contemplative, religious, social, selfish, ect. (obviously for good traits you might want to put some difficult traits in there for random encounters - not impossible but more difficult personalities.)

Perhaps people are looking for a helper in a dungeon that heals you when you're low health, helps you pick a lock, fight (idk how that could possibly work but like maybe they're an off screen presence through dialogue boxes or something)

Perhaps people are looking for something to fill their house with, populate with children, put dialogues and quest situations that makes the player feel like they're a responsible spouse raising children.

Perhaps people are looking for social advantage through marrying into a upper/lower class to improve relations. Maybe you'd get special treatment, quests, or be invited to events that you would not otherwise experience.

These are all things to consider. i think to start though, a house filler would be nice. If you have a home you can be married as a late game thing.

This would cost a significant amount of money - like up to 10k-20k or more, and it would not guarantee success, but it'd get you the date.

2.) Dating
If you pass the initial phase, you now have to have 3 successful dates out of 6 dates (as soon as you reach 3 you "win") in a 6 month period. These dates you'd have to choose a place, an activity, some sort of meal, and optionally, a gift.

Places... - you'd choose a dialogue option based on what class and preference the character is. A upper class socialite might prefer a date at the palace, while a adventurous lower class person might want to try to steal from a jewelry store or go grave robbing.

Activities... - once you get to a place you can choose which type of activity. Perhaps at random a special event can come up that changes the activity or something.

Meal - you can choose to dine at the location or switch location depending on the context. an adventurous lower class person might be happy grave digging and trapsing through a cemetary, but most likely wouldn't want to eat a sandwich in one. A religious person probably wouldn't want to dine at a temple either.

Gifts - the jewelry store would be a good choice for most, but some might want a book or a weapon or a rare ingredient, or maybe just a cheap rose. IDK.

3.) Marriage

After passing the requirements, you would have to plan for and pay for a marriage. I don't know how involved one would want to get into making scenes and dialogues, but this could all be very interesting. And it should be somewhat costly.

Once married, children, food supplies, clothing, ect. would be required, costing money. You'd be required to visit and do quests for your family. Perhaps you'd get bonuses for eating and sleeping (and other things) at home that carry with you.

4.) Divorces and Relationship troubles.

For every benefit of marriage there should be some serious consequences for cheating or neglecting. Perhaps you sell the house but only get back half the money. Or maybe your malicious wife slanders you to their respective social class. Or maybe you get in legal trouble for a crime you didn't commit. Or maybe they leave without a trace. Maybe they'd stay but they'd not want to speak to you or do anything for you and be VERY demanding until you do something special to make up for it. Maybe you never make up for it and you just want a divorce.

5.) More?

IDK, these are just some pie in the sky things. I think we can all agree that...

-Marriage should be a thing
-Quests and dialogues and letters and immersion would be nice.
-Benefits and Costs to marriage
-Roleplay value.

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by communityus » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:09 pm

I'd use it. I will vote on your survey too. Fun idea. I see mention of prostitute guild as a separate idea, is that still being thought about as well?

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by Kamer » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:12 pm

communityus wrote:
Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:09 pm
I'd use it. I will vote on your survey too. Fun idea. I see mention of prostitute guild as a separate idea, is that still being thought about as well?
There are some prostitutes in WA. Will probably include more quests of Dancers, Bards, and Prostitutes in future versions of WA. As for this mod idea, It hasn't went anywhere. Much too busy with WA atm to work on it.

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Re: Daggerfall Marriage System

Post by luciusaries » Wed May 20, 2020 5:05 pm

On the Skyrim SE Nexus, the single largest catagory of mod if "Followers" by over a thousand mods. Believe me Kamer, if you make any sort of companion system for DFU, people WILL use it! I know I certainly will...

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