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[MOD] Lousy Lycans (under construction)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:40 pm
by Ralzar
This is still a mod under development.

This will be a total overhaul of the Lycantropy mechanics in Daggerfall.

Planned Features.
(Green for finished, Red for planned)

  • Beast form: Wolfs will have less STR and END. Boars will have less AGI and SPD.
  • Human form: Wolfs will have a +10 in only AGI and SPD. Boars will have a +10 only in STR and END.
  • Reduce skill buff in human form to +5.
  • Reduce all language skills, pickpocket and lockpicking to 0% while in beast form.
  • Reduce Magica to 0 while in beast form.
  • Add nightvision to beastform by giving them an attached light.
  • The days before a full moon, the player is warned that one of the moons is waxing.
  • During full moon, player loses a day and wakes up in a random spot nearby.
  • During full moon, player drops all equipment, horse and wagon at, or near, origin point.
  • Entering beast form makes you drop all equipment and damages anything you were wearing.
  • Ring Of Hircine lets player keep control during full moon, but still forces player into beastform.
  • Remove "Need to hunt the innocent" mechanic.
  • Add some other mechanic that builds up over time if the player does not use the beastform.
  • Add the ability to resist the moon based on player WILL and how well he has managed the mechanic above.
  • Add the option to start your new characters infected with lycanthropy.

Re: [MOD] Lousy Lycans (under construction)

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:26 am
by Rebelrouzer
Sounds like another great mod from you.I use pretty much everything you put out.