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Re: New MP3 Music

Post by Flubly » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:55 pm

Are you going through a mastering process for these? I like the samples used, but these tracks sound very hot even on the softer pieces. There's not a lot of dynamic range intact. If you're putting compression or a limiter on the master bus, I'd try and mitigate their effect.

With "Snowing", it could also be a velocity thing. I can't speak for what Nikitia is hearing, but to me the original sounds like the harp is being softly played with slight inflections, while this one sounds like it's being hammered out. Since you just imported the midi, I don't know what the factor is that's making it sound so different. In theory the velocity data would be the same. Does the harp sample chosen have a lot of different sub-samples or does velocity just control the volume of a single sample?

Updating the samples has given the tracks a lot of body, though, it's an impressive project!

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