Might And Magic-style hirelings (help needed)

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Might And Magic-style hirelings (help needed)

Post by imsobadatnicknames »

So, I recently saw this thread by cliffworms (http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... 23062b9dc1) where he proposed a mod for Might and Magic-style hireling system, where rather than aiding you in battle, hirelings provide you with a passive bonus. I've been getting really into the Might qnd Magic series lately, so I thought this idea was REALLY cool and I want to make it into a reality. I already an idea of how to implement it, but I think I'd need the help of someone who actually knows how to work with C# and the Unity editor.

So... I think the way to making it work would be like this: I implement the process of finding and hiring the hirelings and having them follow you through the quest system. It would be similar to stuff like my Mercenaries mod, a quest that places each hireling in random appropriate buildings depending on their occupation, and when the hireling is clicked and paid a certain ammount of money it'd initialize a second quest which displays the hireling's face on your HUD and makes you "pay" them a certain ammount of money at regular time intervals.
And then it'd be necessary for a coder to write the script which actually applies the bonus. If I'm not wrong (but correct me if I am), all we'd need would be a script that detects which hireling quests are currently active, and applies the corresponding bonus based on that. E.g. If the quest for the Trader hireling is currently active, apply a +20 bonus to the player's Mercantile, and so on.

So... Yeah... I think it's an amazing mod concept that I want to turn into a reality but I need some help
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Re: Might And Magic-style hirelings (help needed)

Post by Regnier »

This could increase the usefulness of guilds and temples and even commoners (any npc really).

Guilds would give obvious benefits (fighters guild gives fighting bonuses, mages give magic bonus/regen) but temples too.

If youre of another god maybe you could travel with a priest to protect/buff in some way.

Commoners could act like pack mules increasing carry weight or something.

Every npc could impart different advantages and disadvantages.

Maybe a merchant would give you info about stock and prices

So on and so forth

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